Renting unfurnished? How to furnish your apartment for cheap

Renting unfurnished? How to furnish your apartment for cheap

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by SMonteith

Having to furnish an entire apartment can be a daunting and expensive task. After the stress and hard work of finding a new apartment and moving in, furnishing can seem like the last thing you want to do. But to make finding furniture easy on you and your wallet, follow the steps below.

Take an inventory of all current furniture when renting unfurnished apartments. This helps determine exactly which pieces are needed to furnish your apartment. The next step is determining the budget to furnish your rooms. Cheap apartment furniture can be found, but it requires work.

When renting unfurnished apartments, many items may be needed. It may make sense to prioritize the purchases to furnish your rooms. For instance, items like beds, couches and a table and chairs are probably necessities while coffee tables or china cabinets may be desirable, but not crucial. Prioritizing makes it possible to stretch the expense over a longer period of time. Some people choose to focus their efforts on one room at a time since furnishing an entire apartment for cheap all at once can be impossibly expensive. Finishing one room before starting the next also makes it easier to match furniture pieces.

While one room is being furnished, it’s still necessary to have items for other rooms. Renters can ask friends and family if they have furniture they’d like to give or loan. Lots of people have old furniture lurking in garages, attics or basements and are only too happy to have it taken off of their hands.

Roommates may decide to divide the cost of furnishings. Each roommate could be responsible for acquiring certain pieces. Alternatively, it might make sense to have each roommate pay half for each item when renting an unfurnished apartment. Splitting costs makes sense for those items that will be used by everyone in the apartment. Furnish your private space with existing items or furnish your bedroom in the apartment for cheap prices with used items.

Stylish new items can be found at Ikea to furnish an apartment. Ikea is an ideal retailer for those who are renting unfurnished apartments because they feature an enormous selection at affordable prices. These stores are a browser’s paradise, and they make it easy to find affordable items that the purchaser must assemble themselves.

Dollar stores can be another excellent resource for those seeking to furnish a household. Cleaning products and storage items are widely available at dollar stores, as are kitchen utensils. Some even carry home décor items.

Second hand stores can prove to be a goldmine when you are ready to furnish your apartment. Browse through the offerings at the Salvation Army and Goodwill. These stores sell furniture and home goods at remarkable discounts. A few stains on a couch do not have to be a deal breaker. With an inexpensive slipcover, the problem is solved.

Garage sales and estate sales are frequently good places to find home décor items to furnish your apartment. People who are moving may be holding a garage sale to get rid of household goods as quickly as possible. Estate sales are typically arranged after a death, and can also yield some great bargains.

People who looking to furnish an apartment should also visit the website to pick up free items. It’s an environmentally friendly organization where people freely trade household goods and other items.

When purchasing furniture, start out with a list of required items, and then prioritize these, setting a budget for each piece. Consider buying new items for one room at a time while furnishing other rooms with used items. Discount retail stores like Ikea and second hand shops can be strong resources that allow renters to furnish their new home with a minimum of stress and expense.

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